Saturday, September 12, 2009


Wow, I have not updated in a few days.
Cruising along here. Four patches every other day. Ultrasound of endometrium Tuesday. P*IO starts Weds. RE biopsy the following Friday (25th).
I am exhausted after a horse show my girls rode in today. When I get *this* tired I wonder what it is we are doing! ;) And then Ivan says something cute that reminds me we can handle this. This evening I was telling Ivan about an old hs friend who is an RN who works in labor and delivery. He said something about what a fun job she has, seeing babies all day. It made me feel less tired and less defeated.


Circus Princess said...

Just started reading your blog and am looking forward to follow you to your BFP and beyond. Big hugs!

Sarah said...

good luck with the cycle! (and the PIO, i don't envy you that at all!)