Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tentative Active Cycle Schedule

Can you hear my squealing?

RE donor coordinator just emailed me. We have a tentative schedule as long as the two women's bodies working toward this endeavor cooperate.

Donor will start stims October 10. Retrieval will be Oct 19-21 with a transfer Oct 22-26. I am PRAYING for a blastocyst transfer. This is great to have the possibility of the transfer on a weekend (less complicated getting children to and from school). Of course this means they will be home that day as well...we will worry about that when the time comes. Ivan might stay home the day of the transfer. The last time he drove home the three hours and I was reclined. Is this really necessary? Did any of you drive yourselves home after the transfer?

Geez...I am positively holding my breath in anticipation.


SprtsGrl said...

I drove myself after transfer! 3 hours from NC ro Georgia and got into an accident on the way home (was not my fault). My poor hubby was home with the worst nervous would think he had the retrieval/transfer!! Fingers crossed for you!

Mrs.Joyner said...

So you must be 900% pumped!! October is my FAVORITE becomes yours too :)

B. said...

I was prepared to drive myself to/from the transfer, but it fell on a weekend so DH was able to be there. I didn't recline, although I was leaning back a little more than normal, but that was because of OHSS... which you won't have to worry about.

How exciting to have a schedule. Good luck!

Jeanne said...


Congratulations on getting a schedule! Good luck!!


Musicmakermomma said...

Sending best wishes and you enter the home stretch - just wanted to let you know I have driven myself the last 2 transfers (one lasted 8 weeks) and my DH drove the first time (which "lasted" about 4 weeks). According to my RE as long as I take it easy it is fine. I only have an hour to drive, but thought you might like the info - best of luck!