Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tapping my foot uncontrollably under the desk

Whew...I need October to get here.

The time usually flies with my girls and all of their activities. We have a horse show this weekend so this week will be dedicated to that endeavor (and we will be wiped out). Next Tuesday is my ultrasound to see how my endometrium is looking. PIO's also start next week which is good so Ivan can feel more "involved".

The following week will be the RE visit for the endometrial biopsy. The following week is vacation packing and then we are off to Dis*ney the first week in October. Upon returning it's GO TIME. If all goes well, we are shooting for a late October transfer.

While I am "tapping my foot" I am starting to watch Ma*d Me*n. Does anyone else watch this show? I just rented Season 1, Episodes 1-3 and LOVE it so far! Looking forward to catching up with the episodes and then I will start the current season which I am DVRing.

As I make plans well into 2010 I keep thinking..."I *should* be pregnant by then". Gosh, I hope so.

Shower time and then Ma*d Me*n.


Pundelina said...

Good luck with the checks to come and I hope your 2010 dreams come true!

Bring on October.


Carrie said...

Oh I am SO hopeful that you will be preggers by 2010! We started our IVF journey (first IUI's, then surgery... more waiting) last fall and I hoped for 2009 to be our year. 2010 will be yours!!!

We loooove Mad Men. Have you watched all the old episodes on DVD, too? They make the waiting better...