Monday, October 12, 2009

Honest Scrap

Thank you Circus Princess for the Honest Scrap Award.

Rules: Reveal 10 things not previously known about you, and pass along the award to others.

Here goes.


1. ...hate tomato skins in my food.

2. becoming increasingly filled with anxiety and guilt as our active cycle proceeds.

3. a soap opera snob and have preconceived notions about people who watch them.

4. terrified this cycle will work and terrified that it won't.

5. ...never blame God for bad things that happen but often thank God when good things do happen.

6. ...have the urge to make political comments on Facebook but always hold back.

7. ...cannot wait for the next Twilight movie.

8. my iPhone.

9. ...think Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive.

10. to read historical fiction.