Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back from vacation

It's been a while since the last update. Sorry!

Got through the mock cycle, had the biopsy...don't yet have the results from that test. Right now I am on Lup*ron, Est*race vaginally and four Vi*velle patches every other day. We are growin' endometrium for the active cycle!

Unfortunately the donor has a cyst while on Lu*pron so the stims are starting one week later than planned. We should do an embryo transfer the last week in October.

I am bummed about the one week delay but that gives me more time to get my endometrium good and ready for the embryos.

Having some communication issues with the donor egg coordinator. Twice now, prescriptions THAT I NEED have not been called in requiring me to call the on-call doctor. I am on the verge of a good, hearty cry right about now! This is so effing expensive and this is MY LAST SHOT...I need all involved to be 100% committed. I complained to the doctor when he called me back...I tried to stay professional but just came right out and said that this is really important and expensive and I am not feeling very confident with my care. He apologized and called in the patches I need for TOMORROW MORNING.

Would you all have complained? It's not really my personality to sit back and let people drop the ball when it concerns ME. I want to have a smooth relationship with this coordinator but I also need my one and only cycle to be treated with respect.

Sigh. Why is this so hard from every angle imaginable?


Musicmakermomma said...

I think it is great that you said something to the doc. Going through this whole IF thing has made me take my care WAY more seriously! Before I probably would have shrugged it off and made excuses for the nurse, but this is her JOB and you are paying a FORTUNE for guided service from her! Calling in a prescription isn't exactly rocket science.

Sorry about the donor's cyst, but sounds like it is all under control. I really hope the coordinator steps up for you - they can really make a cycle difficult. I know my current one cares about me and even though I'm so frustrated with the system (and the fact that I'm not pg after 3 DE tries!) I know she'll really do her best for me. My last NC, not so much. Good luck, hope you have a passel of little halloweeny embies!

jenicini said...

Yes, I would have definitely said something to them. When time is short, as it often is with doctors, I think that you have to be direct. What you said sounds perfect.

Even though it is delayed, I'm so glad that everything is still working out. Thinking of you!

Maredsous said...

I thought I was the only one who gets annoyed by the "coordinator" not being on the ball. Good for you to have said something to the doc. It is a lot of money and these are supposedly steps that they have done many times before. How hard can it be.

I am currently on lu, E2, and only one patch. Do you know why you have so many patches at once? I think we will have transfers around the same time. Wishing you good luck!