Monday, November 09, 2009

Day 2 P3DT (CD 18)

Good news from RE. We have been watching the remaining 7 embryos and here is what we have:

* One excellent-excellent expanding blastocyst this morning! That little bugger is going to be frozen for future use. (He was formerly an 8 cell good on Friday).

* One 6 cell good from Friday that will be frozen tomorrow!

That is encouraging news indeed! We transferred an 8 cell good-excellent and an 8 cell good so I would hope they also are beautiful little blasts in my ever-so-inviting uterus!

The remaining five are still at 20 cells so will likely arrest at some point.

Just "maintaining" today. Not down, not up...just trying to make it to next week.


jenicini said...

Fantastic news! So happy that you have some good frostbabies! {hugs}

Sara said...

That's great! I am arriving late, but just wanted to let you know that Eggbert was conceived on a cycle when we transferred one "so-so" and one "not very good" 3d embryos. And she's VERY good now.

I'm wishing you tons of luck.