Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 4 P3DT (Cycle Day 20)

I thought progesterone was supposed to make you feel calm and relaxed? Not happenin' here. I am 'crampy' in the mornings from the progesterone water retention and then just generally anxious the rest of the day. When I eat I have stomach issues due to the progesterone's effect on smooth muscle and digestion...mainly at dinner time.

Nothing to report, of course. The embryos are 7 days "old" today so should have definitely hatched and starting their "dig" into my endometrium.

We have just the one "excellent excellent expanding blast" on ice. The others were not suitable for freezing. A Dr at my GYN told me that her son is the result of an FET so that is encouraging news!

Just out of curiousity...does a twin pregnancy bring on pregnancy symptoms "earlier"...ya know, do you notice them sooner b/c of the double effect of their presence? Just wondering for later. I am certainly not looking for symptoms this soon!

I keep telling myself there is no reason for this NOT to work...lovely endometrium, young, healthy donor eggs.

We shall see.

Back to "Break*ing Dawn" (second time) and Food Net*work...they are getting me through "the wait". I deserve some down time and I am taking it!!


My Endo Journey said...

Doing a baby dance this way for you! Oh, progesterone. LOVELY, LOVELY progesterone. I cramped the whole time I was on it. Ick! But, hope that it's doing it's thing and helping those embies stick!

jenicini said...

All those drugs never made me feel calm or relaxed. In fact the progesterone was the evil hunger monster. Just keep thinking those positive thoughts! Enjoy your foodie channels!