Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 5 P3DT (CD 22, 8 days post "ovulation")


The evil monster is raging! My poor family. They must think I have lost my mind.

Nothing to report. Just taking the PI*O as usual, Prome*trium vaginally and 2 DOTS. If the embryos are going to implant, they should be actively doing so. Saturday will be day 10 post ovulation...a time when some women "suspect" that they are pregnant. I believe it was day 11 two years ago that I suspected something but it wasn't enough to convince me...turns out I was pregnant (but had an early miscarriage). So, I am anticipating "something" this weekend *if* this worked.

I will test early if I feel some real symptoms. If I don't feel anything, I will wait until the morning of the blood test just so I don't have to wait all day on "the call".

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