Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 6 P3DT (Cycle Day 23, 9DPO)

Tired. Hungry. Enlarged, sore BB's. All potential PIO symptoms.

I woke to cramping in the middle of the night last night. There was also some "pinching" in my pelvis. It lasted a few minutes and then stopped. I had middle of the night cramping with my last IVF and got a BFP (miscarriage). It's common to have implantation cramping on day 8 or 9 post ovulation. However, I have had middle of the night cramping just out of the blue (when not TTC) so it's not a sure sign. Our uteruses are huge muscles and sometimes they cramp, plain and simple!

Hoping for more definite symptoms this weekend.

Test is Wednesday morning next week.


babyattheend said...

How exciting! I'm pretty much feeling all the same things and I'm 10DPO. I've never had twinges wake me up until a couple days ago. Hope this is it for us both!

Mai said...

Im big time hoping for you! It has to be good that your testing on *my* birthday..;) Sending love your way!!

jenicini said...

:) Wednesday can't come soon enough right? I am sending you lots of happy thoughts!