Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fertilization Report

Drum roll please....


Of the 18 eggs, 11 fertilized. :)

Tomorrow will tell us grading and cell count per embryo.

It's official, my husband has procreated with another woman!

We are looking at a 3-day transfer on Saturday or MY PREFERRED 5-day on Monday

As a frame of reference...our IVF two years ago with MY eggs resulted in 14 eggs retrieved with only 5 fertilizing "properly".


babyattheend said...

That's great news! I've had similar positive differences this cycle because we are using donor sperm this time... it's so interesting how such teeny tiny cells can make such a difference!

Good luck! When will you have the transfer?

jenicini said...

Fantastic news! LMAO at the husband comment. :)

Circus Princess said...

LMAO!! This would be the one time you're happy about your hubbie procreating with another woman. Great news, congrats!

Lisa said...

Congrats! 11 is definitely a number to feel good about. I'm keeping fingers crossed for a 5dt!