Friday, November 06, 2009

Embryo report not so good

Yep, it pretty much sucks.

3 four-cell "goods"
1 two-cell "good"

The rest - SEVEN embryos - are all FAIR OR POOR!

Three day transfer TOMORROW and we will transfer the best two.

I am crying. It's not going to work.

If you have blogs you can send me links to that resulted in pregnancy with "3 day goods" then please send those links.

I am in shock. And feeling stupid for spending $20k on donor eggs.

Sigh. Yes, pity party.


Circus Princess said...

I'm sorry it wasn't good news and I totally understand your anger over spending the extra money on DE. BUT, there's still a big chance one of these little four-cell guys sticks around and turns in to a beautiful little baby! I'm keeping everything crossed for you!

jenicini said...

It's going to work, it's going to work. It seems like horrible news, but you have four goods! Thinking of you and crossing all of my appendages. {hugs}

Alice said...

I'm sorry the numbers don't look better but try to remember it only takes one. It could be there! All the best.

maxandzuzu said...

Don't jump to conclusions. It's going to work for you, just be positive. Don't stress out. Alice is right, it only takes one. My prayers are with you.