Monday, November 02, 2009

It's GO TIME!!!

Just got the call! Donor is ready!

* Retrieval 9AM Weds. I will get a call by Noon Weds as to how many eggs they get.

* Fert report Thurs.

* Embryo report Friday.

If the embryos are "iffy" it will be a Saturday transfer. If they are growing nicely, it will be a Monday transfer. I will be really sad with a Sat transfer.

PIO starts again tomorrow and the Lu*pron is over. I start Doxy*clycline, Med*rol and Pro*metrium on Weds. I stop the vaginal Es*trace and cut back to two DOTS.

Eeeks! This is really happening.


Circus Princess said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Monday ET (or even Tuesday?)

Mai said...

OMG! I just caught up! I am so super pumped for you! I can't wait to hear good news!!