Sunday, November 01, 2009

Retrieval Wednesday

Everything is looking great with our donor! She has 5-6 follicles on each side growing at the same rate. That is about the same response *I* had as a 38 year old two years ago. At first the numbers disappointed me but then I remembered that it's about quality NOT quantity. I don't *want* 20-some embryos to freeze. The RE coordinator said that they don't like to "blow up" their donors....that makes sense to me. We just need 6-8 nice embryos. I just want one baby out of this. *Maybe* in a few years we will do an FET.

We are definitely going for a 5 day transfer so that means my "go" day is Monday, November 9. One week from tomorrow.

The only way we would do a 3 day is if the embies lack the quality to continue to day 5. The RE said the only time they do a 3 day with donor eggs is if there is a sperm issue. Ivan has outstanding sperm so I am totally planning on a 5 day. So glad ONE of us has fertility we can count on! :)

I have a busy week ahead so the time should pass fairly quickly. I can't wait to have a few embryos on board...if they are nice enough quality it will be just *one*.


Circus Princess said...

That's great news! How exciting that it's all going according to plan. Looking forward to hearing about retrieval and fert report :)

jenicini said...

Yay! I would imagine it's hard not to want more follies. Hearing those big numbers just get our hearts racing! But even so, with her 21 year old eggies, you are right in that the quality is going to be there. Can't wait to hear more!