Sunday, December 13, 2009

Checking In

Very busy here with many daughter activities. Looking forward to 2010 so we can do our FET. I want to have hope in him but, oh dear bloggers, it's so hard to think he will do anything more than the others. The ONLY thing going for him...the ONLY difference is he will be a blast and I guess really that makes ALL the difference. Oh God how I wish there was more than one. Sigh. My one special little blast.

In my genuine deep despair last week, Ivan said we will do our FET and if that doesn't work.....

" we will do it again"

As in, another cycle.

I was speechless. It made me cry. It slightly lifted the fog surrounding my soul. Not that I am sure I could spend the money again. Just knowing he might consider it was enough.

Happy, happy holidays my friends.


Circus Princess said...

Your hubbie is a STAR!! Honestly, just knowing your FET is not your last chance might make you "relaxed" enough (I know, sorry about that) and align the stars (sorry again) so that your perfect little blast FET sticks around :)

Heather said...

YAY for Hope!!

Just leaving the door cracked open makes a HUGE difference!

Best of luck and Happy Holidays!

maxandzuzu said...

It's so nice just to know that he realizes how important all of this is to you. So many men don't seem to get that. It's almost as if he knew you needed to hear those words.

Good luck. Enjoy the holidays!


Sarah said...

hmm, i think what your blast has going for him is that this is a new cycle, a different cycle, a whole new opportunity. his odds aren't necessarily down because of how the last one went, maybe this was the one who was meant to stay. if not, how wonderful to know its not the end of the road :)

sparkles1980 said...

Ah ur hubbie sounds great,fair play to him!!!!

The best of luck to you both