Sunday, February 21, 2010

ICLW Welcome! 2AM Cramping - D3P5DT

Hi all. Welcome to ICLW. DH and I had a blast transfer on Thursday and will have a Beta on Friday the 26th. This is our last attempt with IVF or any kind of ART.

So strange. At 2AM last night (7DPO) I awoke to uterine cramping. It sent me scurrying to the bathroom. There was no spotting (not sure there could be with the PIO).

On our fresh cycle in November I had the exact same cramping on 7DPO in the middle of the night. Of course, that ended in a BFN.

What is this? You would assume some kind of implantation cramping but with the previous BFN that seems unlikely unless in Nov something started out and then promptly stopped.

Has anyone had implantation cramping?

Has anyone had this same type of cramping and then a BFN?

I am thinking it's nothing except my body reacting to all of the PIO and transfer, etc. Sigh.

*Update* the anxiety is officially building. I am on the verge of tears. Now that I am outside of that post transfer window where you don't have to worry about symptoms I am overcome with sadness. With each new day I will obsess (whether I want to or not) about symptoms and the lack thereof, etc. PIO is so freakin' evil b/c it mimics every pregnancy symptom there is. And I don't want to look for the symptoms, I want to ignore this entire thing. I don't want to be devastated on Friday but it's inevitable.


jenicini said...

Have hope! :)

Heather said...

I wish I could reach through this computer screen and hug you. I wish I had answers or even something wise to say that would help calm this ocean of emotions for you.

Thinking of you.

{owens} said...

well geez.. this is crazy, but i'm on my 3rd ivf (first 2 bfns) and i'm 6dp3dt and having the same exact cramping. i've never had this, but like you said, could be the pio. definately sucks! i hope so much for you that your beta friday is good! i get mine thurs and i'm just preparing for what i've been through twice before. infertility sucks. good luck, sweetie!

linda said...

I don't know what sort of progesterone you're using, but I was reading that if you stick the suppositories too far in (near the cervix) it can cause cramping.

Let's hope that it's just something burrowing in there and that you'll be getting some good news!!

Jaymee said...

every person and every transfer is completely different. sending tons of hope and positive vibes your way.


Kristin said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry you are on such a roller coaster of hope and despair right now. I hope and pray you get a wonderful surprise on the 26th. {{{Hugs}}}

Journey Girl said...

I had what I believe was implantation cramping and then cramping off an on for around the first 6 weeks.

The symptoms or lack of can drive you crazy - I am hoping for a BFP for you on Friday.

I am sending you some positive vibes and a cyber hug!!

I am thinking of you!