Monday, February 22, 2010

CD 23, Day 4 Post 5DT

PIO is evil.

I started cramping again yesterday afternoon and was miserable. The only thing I can say is that PIO can really play with your body. My digestion is messed up, I am bloated and achy.

Today I am very crabby and tired. Major hunger.

Nothing much else to share. Just taking it easy this week.


maxandzuzu said...

I tell everyone this, but I'm sure that your depression is from the Progesterone. When I was on it I had major downers. I would cry and sleep on my breaks at work. It's a horrible horrible drug. And it really sucks that most all of the symptoms are the same with a BFN as they are with a BFP. I hope like anything that this works for you. Others that know this isn't the end of line don't feel the same as someone that does know it is. You've been through such an emotional roller coaster and I just want this one to work for you so badly.

Try to relax and destress. Occupy your mind with things other than babies. Read, watch movies, work. My fingers are crossed for you. You're in my thoughts.


jenicini said...

Hang in there girl!