Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CD 24 - D5 post 5DT

Nothing to report. I was nominated for an award by Heather at BigPandMe but that post is a draft for now while I find time to finish it (b/c I need to nominate other bloggers)! Thanks, Heather...i will post soon!

I have horrid indigestion b/c of the PIO. Damned evil stuff!! I took my Pre*vacid but it's not helping. Very emotional. Really want a glass of port and will be SO PISSED if the beta is negative and I deprived myself the soothing smoothness of red wine. Pissed, I tell you!!

I dreamed about Frosty last night. He was a "she" and she had brown hair and I was so happy to have her in my arms.

BTW, there is NO WAY I am peeing on a stick...out of the question! I will never, ever see a negative pee stick again.


Mrs.Joyner said...

Ughh..Im sorry the PIO is being the devil..Hopefully..all goes well and you have your little Miss Frosty asap!!

Heather said...

Are you going to start peeing on stuff??? I can't wait until Friday!

Heather said...

I'm very sad. Even though I understand. I still like to pee on things and highly encourage others to pee on things too.

Maredsous said...

Can' wait til Friday. Hope the cramping subsides. I think many people feel twinges during the 2ww, but as you well know everyone is different. Hoping it is a good sign for you.

Sara said...

It IS possible to bleed on PIO. I wish I didn't know that :-(.

Sorry that it's treating you so badly. I really really hope that you get some good news on Friday.

As for peeing on sticks, I understand. I feel the same way.