Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ultrasound and Bloodwork Tomorrow

At the end of my estro*gen road. It has not been nearly as happy as it was in October. I have been in a mild state of depression since our BFN and am a little scared what the end of the month will bring.

Lab and ultrasound tomorrow. If my lining and numbers look good, we will proceed to PIO Saturday morning and our FET next week.

Hanging on to my red thread to Frosty. This will be the first blastocyst to be placed into my uterus. Ever.

Hold on Frosty, we are about to thaw you and see what kinda get-up-and-go you are made of.

Please, please fight.


maxandzuzu said...

I wish you so much luck! I'm so sorry that you've been so down. IF is such a hard bugger to deal with. Just know that you're not alone even though it may feel that way. You have a good little network of ladies pulling for you.

You're in my thoughts and prayers. And do update us. Even if your down, get it all out. We're here for you.


Circus Princess said...

I just have a feeling your little blast is a real go-getter:) We'll be going through this close to the same time, my FET is scheduled for around the 26th. Big hugs to you my dear!

My Endo Journey said...

Go home to mama frosty!!! :) sending good thoughts your way!