Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just want to say "ugh"

I am ready to endure 2-3-4 transfers using donated embryos. The thing is...this stuff costs money! I feel SO VERY GUILTY for continuing to do this! Why can't I just leave it alone? I am terrified of turning 50 and saying to myself "why didn't I try harder?" Ivan deep down wants to parent a baby again which is why, even though he is a major money miser, he continues to say "yes". (

Spring Break is next week and then I think I will schedule a visit with the DEmbryo clinic (two hour drive).

EEKS! Post any donor embryo blogs you know about! :)


3Babes2Jens1Cause said...

Check out our blog for much more info.



jenicini said... I have another one too, but can't find her right now!

Rachel said...

I'm possibly interested in doing this for kid #2. How did you find the clinic? Lots of phone calls?

I'm afraid to start calling and asking. Do they have any openness policies?


3Babes2Jens1Cause said...

We have a list of clinics on our side bar of our blog, check it out for all of you who are looking for clinics near you...

City Jen flew from Saint Louis to CA for her transfer

Country Jen flew from Kansas to CA for hers


Sara said...

What is money for, if not for your family? Having another child is clearly something that you all want, so I really don't think you have anything to feel guilty about.

Good luck!

maxandzuzu said...

This IF is certainly a journey.

Aside from the cost of the meds. would it only be the price of an IUI? Do you get to look at photos of any of the donor embryo parents? How do they match you up? Sorry for all of the questions, but I've been curious about this too!


Maredsous said...

I agree with you 100%. We have to try the best we can. As with IVF I think a lot of this is just playing the odds. I know this because I did these exact procedures in mice. As long as there is a uterus and things are timed appropriately I think most people have a good shot at this. Of course, mice are not like humans and there are major differences, but overall my attitude is try until you are satisfied that you have exhausted all options. The amazing part of this business is that over time most people who continue to try succeed. I have always wanted to keep stats, but there are so many blogs with so many details that I have not done this yet.

I say go for it. Good luck.

Musicmakermomma said...

I sent you BWUB's blog on the last comments - another person who has HAD their baby is Dora over a My Preconcieved Notion
I'm sure both of them would be happy to share their experiences with you if you contact them - although BWUB just gave birth this week! so she'll be a bit preoccupied.

I think from what I've heard this is an excellent route to go, best of luck to you!

Jess said...

I am currently pregnant via embryo donation. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime: And feel free to ask any questions! Praying for you as you begin embryo donation!

Ms. Pollywog said...

Hop on over to my blog to get a feel for the process as I prepare for my FET (adopted embryos). It is, of course, just like preparing for an IVF transfer, without all of the stim meds. You probably have more experience at this sort of thing than I do, but I am here rooting for you!

Christina said...

I've been through the process twice now...feel free to follow along:

Good luck!