Friday, March 02, 2007

It's all in the numbers...and the length of the needles

Dr. Cold Speculum's nurse emailed me the IVF documentation yesterday! She must have sensed that I needed something heavy to read...I needed numbers and details...I have been like a caged woman deprived of chocolate! The chocolate has been administered and was absolutely inhaled.

And now for the numbers...

IVF Class Appointment: 03-05-07 (Monday!)
Amount insurance is going to cover: 0%
Cost of cycle: $9500-$10,500
Cost of meds: $2500-$3500
Deposit expected at appt: $6000

Ivan had a rather rude awakening last night when I shared these numbers. Remember, this is the minimalist man who barely requires oxygen to breathe...and he is going to be plopping down $6K in cold hard cash for something that has a 30% chance of working.

I am pretty sure he had a cold beer after our conversation....and then slammed his head into the wall a few times.

Now, about those needles....I read that gonado.tropins are administered subcutaneously as well as the Lup* I silly to be excited about this? Even that one-time trigger shot of hCG is SQ! SQ's I can's those IM's that terrify me...are we not talking about a major difference in length of needle here? I am thrilled to learn that the only intramuscular is the progesterone and THAT is available orally and vaginally. This is where Always-Helpful-Blogdom comes in. I have already learned from you amazing women that the vaginal delivery of progesterone is rather, ahem, tough on the Victoria's Se*cret bikinis. And I swore I read someplace that the oral progesterone is not as effective?

What does the Congo Line recommend?

I read about Cri.none gel being good...who has used it and how did it go? What seems to be the most effective progesterone?

Inform me Blogdom! Wash your knowledge over me---my dose of "chocolate" is wearing off and I need another hit!

Information. I. Need. It.


Sarah said...

hi! i have read good things about the gel too and am hoping i can talk my re into it, but so far my clinic's policy is PIO only b/c they believe it works the best :(

Sara said...

I'm very fond of the gel. I found suppositories to be an unholy mess, and the PIO left me limping around for weeks AFTER my BFN. Studies indicate that it's just as effective, and it's far less messy. If your choice is between the suppositories and the PIO, I'd go for the suppositories, but that's just me. The oral delivery doesn't work as well, and it's not worth it just to prevent a mess. You're putting yourself through so much already, you want to have the best possible chances of success. Doctors like PIO, because they can monitor your bood levels of progesterone, but it doesn't actually WORK any better than vaginal delivery (which tends to go straight to where it's needed, rather than circulating in the blood).

Good luck!