Wednesday, September 19, 2007


And, of course, no symptoms or hint of anything. Too early.

I remember last time I had very full bb's on Thursday following the transfer but that could have been from the plethora of meds used up to that point...Lup*ron, Gon*al-F, PIO, etc..

Last night I told Ivan that I don't think it worked. How could it? How could THREE celled embies transferred on day 3 actually make it? (Yes, that is an invitation to email your uplifting stories that include such humble embies). I am just thinking that an embie at three cells really doesn't want to be in my stellar and accomodating as I believe it is...I really think my embies would have rather been in the tube on day 3.

Yesterday I was really, really down. I admit to a little crying jag. I KNOW it's the PIO making me hormonal...that is a huge part of it. Last night, all of a sudden, my attitude changed...I felt uplifted. Not sure why. A sense of peace came over me.

Today? Same sense of peace. Hmmm. I am a toe-tappin' nervous wreck but, hey, I am peaceful!

Any words of wisdom? I so very much dislike the w a i t.


Samantha said...

No words of wisdom, but I hope will work out. You've a while to wait still!

Chastity said...

Who knows what will happen at this point...just try not to lose hope :).

Stephanie said...

Just so you know, I had no preg symptoms after my FET. Zip, nada, nothing. I was so sure that it didn't work. I was dead wrong! The fact that your embies made it through the thaw means they are strong. They are fighters!! Hold on to hope.

Sarah said...

here's what worked for me: go shopping. even if you spend too much money on crap you don't need, you can try to worry about that when you get home instead of the waiting.

its such a rollercoaster, and the worst of it is there's nothing to do but wait and see. in a way that sometimes makes it easier to let it go and not feel quite so obsessed. ha! good luck with that!

Von said...

Peace is good. I remember the 1st pregnancy I had, I felt very very calm. Very "at one with it all".