Monday, November 12, 2007

Just posting along

In more ways than one.

Posting....I am finally checking in at this blog.

And also, I refer to my latest "get my mind off of IVF" project which is English riding. Learning to post the trot in particular. I get it "in general" but am not doing something right with my shoulders.

Any latest obsession is saddles. I need my own b/c my legs shoot off the front flap of every saddle I have ever sat in. Very frustrating and not condusive to good riding. It seems my femur is freakishly long.

<== This might just be the hunk of leathery love I need.

It has a deep seat, narrow twist, forward flap, thigh and knee blocks and has a "flexible tree" which will allow some flexibility in fitting different horses.

In other business....the silly cycles made my endo flare up. The left ovary hurts constantly and makes bending over quite painful.

Damn endo.


Sara said...

Mmmmm. Nice saddle. I can understand your desire. Looks lovely.

Sorry about the endo pains. Damn endo (shaking fist at sky).

Samantha said...

I used to take riding lessons, but never owned my own saddle. Would have been nice. I hope the horseback riding doesn't aggravate the endo further.

Stephanie said...

wow, I didn't know you rode horses. Very cool!

Sarah said...

ugh, sorry to hear about the endo pain. beautiful saddle!

Sara said...

Is everything OK? You've been awfully quiet.