Friday, February 29, 2008

How to choose a donor?

Well, if we do this again, it makes sense to go the donor route. I want to hear from others who have used donor eggs...what mattered to you most...proof of previous pregnancy from their eggs? Religious preference? Hair, eye color? Size? Particular skills or interests?

The main thing I would contribute to this genetic mix would be my size...slender and I try to stick with that? One of the donors I was given info on has EIGHT children she is raising! I would say that shows her eggs are pretty hearty!

Just wondering what others have considered.


Nadine said...

Just wanted to wish you luck on everything, sorry i have not gone down that road yet, so i don't have any advice. I think if i had to, i would like someone who has proven eggs, and maybe looks somewhat like me

Kim said...

Hi there,
We are just started on the donor egg cycle. Hmmm. Choosing a donor. you can read my post on my blog at blogger.helphumptydumpty
I would say ht/wt makes sense and I wanted someone with somewhat similar academic strengths and a good family and a young, PROVEN donor. We will be the second couple to use this donor and the other couple has a singleton pgcy right now. The donor also has a son already. She is young 20's. Wish you the best on your journey!!! Kim

Kim said...

oops I meant to put

Our stories similar, with two adopted kiddos(boys for us) and endometriosis to deal with.