Friday, April 04, 2008

Eat your yogurt!

Okay, so I am sorry that I never post with any exciting infertility-related news. The fact is that we are just on hold, raising our girls, waiting to get to the point where we might do a donor egg cycle. My age would be the main factor (39). It just doesn't make sense to spend more $ on MY eggs if the goal it to have a healthy baby. I am starting to feel too old to parent a baby again but women do it all of the time so I know we can. It would be a shock to the system not getting sleep but we would adapt!

Switching gears, yes, eat your yogurt! This week I experienced a watery yellow-ish discharge that I had never had before. It wasn't itchy like a yeast infection...just very gushy and uncomfortable. I needed to have my annual exam any way so my gyn nurse got me right in. Turns out there is a bacterial imbalance. It can be treated with antibitics OR since my case is still so mild, Dr. Smile said I could just eat yogurt daily to get everything back on track! I have been digging right in to some Yo*plait whipped strawberry yogurt.

Sending good wishes to my fellow bloggers who are on their various journeys to a baby...I will try to touch base here more often.


Swim said...

My doc told me the same thing about yogurt. There is a delicious key lime pie flavor that i have for dessert all the time.

Anonymous said...

I was actually just craving some yogurt...then I read about your discharge and my appetite suddenly changed....Lol!