Saturday, November 07, 2009

Two Embies on board (3 day transfer)

Our transfer was this morning.

Good news awaited us when we arrived. Our top three embryos had made it to 8 cells and had moved up in quality. We transferred:

* 8 cell good-excellent
* 8 cell good

The other SEVEN are being allowed to grow to blast and they will freeze what makes it. I was SO happy they are letting the others grow instead of freezing them now. The embryologist said we should end up with at least two blasts to freeze.

The transfer went beautifully! Two years ago my stenotic cervix had to be forced open which made it bleed. There are a few studies that show this can impact implantation negatively. Not a worry this time! The RE passed the catheter right through...I never felt it.

Something that made me exclaim "WHAAATTT??" was when the donor coordinator told me they were using "em*bryo glue" on the embies. Have any of you heard of this? The embryologist admitted that they are not sure if it's hype or of true benefit but that when they have used it, they have seen success. He admitted it could just be the embies being used. They used it today nonetheless. Essentially it is a coating on the embryo that has nutrients and a special element that helps the embryos stick to the endometrium. (There are conflicting studies...I am not betting on this to make anything happen one way or the other).

Here is what is different about THIS fresh transfer versus two years ago:
1. cervix cooperated
2. on two kinds of progesterone (PIO and vaginal pill)
3. donor eggs
4. used Embryo*Glue

I am feeling much less "dreamy" about this transfer (as compared to two years ago) and am not going to obsess reading blogs, etc.

Well, the "bed rest" has been lovely so far! On the couch with my dog, my i*Phone, my D*ell and watching the Bree*der's Cup!

Go Zen*yatta!


Mai said...

Im so excited for you!! And embryo glue? Sounds good to me!!

jenicini said...

Yay! I was thinking about you today hoping everything had gone smoothly. :0 Embryo glue sounds like possibly the best thing ever! Sending lots of sticky thoughts!

andi said...

Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

I am liking that glue too!!

Good luck my dear.